We all know that sms cost #4.00 per message but good news for  all Mtn Users, Shelaf is back again with hottest and latest trick.
You can now send free sms with your Mtn line to all networks in Nigeria free of charge using below simple trick...

The Trick as Follow:
After typing your message when putting receiver's number start the number with +, e.g. +07064706571, it is tested and confirmed and even if you have money Mtn will not remove a dine.
Enjoy Guys and expect more...

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  1. You too much oooo

  2. not work for me

  3. @Anonymous Late comer, try to visit dis blog regularly to enjoy d latest, atleast twice in a day.

  4. please is that the reason it is not working?

  5. @Anonymous simply means it was blocked b4 u came in & we enjoyed it 5 days b4 it blocked.

  6. You can send 5 free sms everyday from this site http://sms.shaplakanon.com


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