This a new discovery on how you can stop Whatsapp messenger from connecting to the internet all the time though Whatsapp can be exit on some Symbian and iPhone mobile, But in other mobile phones Whatsapp keeps the server running in the background even when you exit the app. This leads to data usage and the battery gets drained and for you to stop that you will need to create a password to the internet access point, this is good but Whatsapp will always keep on requesting for connection every five minutes and you have to press the cancel button to deny the connection.

Other methods that can be used to stop Whatsapp from connecting to the internet can be done with the help of Netquin Antivirus which you can download that from and after downloading it just launch it and Put Whatsapp in untrusted applications list, don't forget to put the firewall in On mode, That will help you to kill the applications.

Whenever you want Whatsapp to connect just open the Antivirus > Firewall > Settings > now set whatsapp as trusted application.

  Incase you still want to discontinue it again just go back to the settings and set it as untrusted application.

If you also know another methods that can be used to stop Whatsapp from connecting to the internet all the time just submit it in the comment form below.
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  1. The second method to stop whatsapp from automatically connectingg in your symbian phone is getting netqin mobile Guard.

    See the download link here

    After it finishes installing open it and go to boot manager click on Whatsapp and Disable Auto Start.

    Hope this works well, its Tested working by me.