If you missed my tutorial on how to get unlimited megabytes with just #100 on Airtel or how to activate mtn magic sim, here is another chance for you to get unlimited Megabytes on your Glo Sim.
This is not the new tweak because it has been working for so long, I taught the glow have corrected the error, fortunately I discover that it is still working fine.

  1. Glo Sim and Must be in Glo G-Bam Package 
  2. You must have at-least #5 Balance (If you are already on Glo G-Bam)
  3. You must have at-least #105 Balance (If you are not yet on G-Bam Package, for migration)
  4. Your Mobile Phone
How to Migrate to Glo G-Bam
Dial *100*5*1# to migrate to Glo G-Bam with #105 Charged.

How to get Unlimited Megabytes on Glo G-Bam SIM
 Glo G-Bam is given 5mb for #5 Daily, Hope you know that?
After migrating or if you are already on Glo G-Bam.
Keep disturbing Glo's system by subscribing for data service that you do not have sufficient airtime for. E.g Keep texting 56 to 127 repeatedly. And as well, keep dialing your G-Bam migration code *100*5*1#.

Note: Repeat the both codes to get as many Megabytes as possible.
I got 60mb yesterday because I did not dial the codes for long, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Today, I got 245mb because I put more effort on dialing & sending the above codes and I will still get more by tomorrow.
See the screenshot below:
 Note: The Megabytes might not come up instantly you are dialing that code but it will surely come up within 12 hours. Check your Megabytes by Dial *127*0#.
Also note that you must have money on your phone to keep doing and receiving more urge megabytes daily, don't be afraid, it is only #5 they will deduct per day.

Yesterday when i made this post, i made mention that i will still get more megabytes with the above codes, here is the prove of the one i got today, My megabytes is now over 1GB! check it out in the screenshot below:

Connect it with below Setting on Your Phone or Modem
  • Account Name: Glo Flat 
  • APN: gloflat 
  • Username/Password: flat 
That is all, Enjoying Surfing!
I hope this information helps?
If it works for you, don't forget to Comment here and remember to Click Share/Like buttons for the benefit of others.

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  1. is this still going well?? i tried it today, its telling me: sorry, you do not have sufficient airtime credit. but i already loaded N200, then i migrated to G-bam, then i started to send 54 to 127..

  2. @Tom Naija Just ignore any message they send to you and keep sending *100*5*1#. Is not the 54 i put there self, it is 56, check the post very well.
    The code is till working fine, i had over 2gb on my sim now.

  3. Thank for Sharing This, More Power To Your Elbow i Have Over 2gig On My Sim Now.

  4. @Anonymous Thanks for the testimony, am grateful.

  5. Looks like it has been detected & stopped. I got 3 gig on my data balance. I wanted to increase it & kept dialing the code and sending 56 to 127. After about an hour later, I check my balance. It said I have 0Mb. Up till now, it hasn't increased. Have I done something wrong? Pls tell me what to do.

  6. Is it still working fine?

  7. I followed ds same steps and not just working for me. Is it still working??

  8. @Lubof4gold It stopped on some sim while still working for others.

  9. what should we do now?

  10. guys, this glo trick is no longer working except for the mtn stuff..i think it stopped on sunday.

  11. @chukwuebuka chikezie It is back again with that same above procedure, i received 50mb this morning with that same code, so never dull yourself, give it a trial.

  12. Funsho, it isnt working. Pls give us another glo cheat or tweak. I ve got lots of downloads to complete. Pls lets have it today.

  13. @Jay Baba They are upgrading their system, so let be patience till when they finished, then we can find another way. But i notice one thing, i was given 5mb this morning & i have spent more than 400bm & my 5mb still intact with the money i have on my acct. You can also give it a trial with ur remaining mb.

  14. nice one...thanks for the feed back

  15. @chukwuebuka chikezie It is no more working oo, Glo are upgrading their system, until they finished upgrading, then we will find another way out

    1. When will the upgrade finish?

  16. @Anonymous I can't say precisely but it will be updated as soon as we get it done, just keep visiting.
    You can also go for Mtn magic sim activation that i just posted now.

  17. It's not working on my line