PROV is a self made configuration file that contain any IP and PORT you want. Now adays Prov file is very Important because of the use of Mobile Application e.g Opera Mini, Ucbrowser, Google chrome etc.
 I will try to make this Tutorial straight forward for Newbies. If you have any IP for Opera or other Application on Nokia Java S40 Phones, You can't input it into the Personal Configuration Settings directly, You have to create a Prov for it to work with that IP.

Note: Prov does not work for Sony Ericsson or Nokia Symbian Phones, It only works for Nokia S40 Phones e.g Nokia 3110C, 2770C and many others that are too numerous to be mentioned.

1. If you have any Tweak for Opera Mini, Ucbrowser or other Application e.g
PORT: 80
Http Server:
Custom Server: socket://
   2. And You are told to create a Prov file with the IP and PORT above, You can Create Prov easily Online at | When the site open Click on Express Prov Creator >> Choose Nigeria as a Country then Select the Network you want to Create Prov for and Insert the IP and Port then Click Generate. Download it to your Phone as .prov.
   3. Always download Prov file to your phone via Opera Mini or UCbrowser, Don't ever use your Phone Normal Browser.  After downloading it, Get a Sony Ericsson, Nokia Symbian or China Phone.
   4. Send the Prov file you downloaded on your Phone to the Other Phone you collected from someone e.g from your Phone to someone Sony Ericsson, Symbian phones or China phone.
   5. Re-Send the Prov file from that Phone back to your phone through Bluetooth, The File will come in as a Configuration File, Then you can Save and Activate it.
   6. Go to Settings > Configuration > Default Configuration Settings, Then Choose the Prov File you just send to your Phone and OK it, Back it and also click on the Activate Default on all Applications.
   7. Then go back and also click on the Default Access Point and choose the New Prov and Activate it, Now you are done.
Now, Open your Opera Mini and Input the Tweak into your Custom Server and Host and You are Ready to Go!

I hope this info helps...
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  1. Thanks bro dis post bro, i just have one question regarding dis... I already have a java application for creating provs file but i wanna know if dis provs file can work in tecno android phone if created with de networks default configuration and sent to it.. Thanks in advance

  2. @Anonymous Prov file is only for Nokia java phones so it will not work for ur Android device.

  3. After download and activation of the prov, What else do i do to start using the mtn music+ for browsing?

  4. After download and activation of the prov, What else do i do to start using the mtn music+ for browsing?

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