First of all download the Required Materials with links below:
Note: Not all Opera mini is working fine with Kemulator on PC, the best among that can easily allow cheat is a Cast Opera mini 5.1, so you have to use the link I provided to download it.
Now the Settings
Connect your Modem or PC Suite with any Etisalat Setting
1. Create new folder on your desktop, name it Kemulator or anything.
2. Extract the content of the Kemulator you downloaded into the folder you created on your desktop
3. Open the folder, double click Kemulator (it has phone logo among the files you see in kemulator folder) a window will popup
3. On the left end of the window click on View then scroll down and click Option
4. At the top right end you will see a sign like this ">>" click on it, then Network
See the screenshot below:
Set it as follows:
-Proxy type: HTTP Proxy
-Port: 80
-Username and password: Leave it empty
-Then click "Ok"
On the top left of the window click on Midlet - Load jar…
Search for the folder where you saved the Cast Opera mini.jar you downloaded then open it and wait a bit for it to open.  
Fill it as follows:
-Custom HTTP Server:
-Custom Socket Server: socket://
Kemulator allow the user to set the weight and height for proper viewing, below are the way to customize the weight and height of your Kemulator to your taste:
Open the Kemulator, then click on view, from the drop down click on the option.
Set it as follows
Screen Width: 1357
Screen Height: 640
Leave others as it is and click Ok
You can use any weight or height but the one I specify is what I am using.
Now close Kemulator and reopen it, you will notice the size has increased due to the weight and height you adjusted.
Note: Make sure you adjust the screen size of your Kemulator first before other Setting because each time you try to adjust the screen size of your kemulator, the codes in your opera mini will disappear, which means you need to re-enter the codes.
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If you encounter any problem during the process, use the comment box below to say your view and i will reply you as soon as possible. 
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