Good news to all Symbian user who are game addict just like me, You can now Enjoy Gameboy Advance Roms (GBA) on your Symbian mobile phone! GBA games are known for their high quality 3D graphics, flash effects and awesome game sounds. It's possible to play this games on symbian version 2 and 3 phones. 

If you know you are a Gameboy Addict, This Tutorial is meant for You as you can now play those Gameboy games once again all on your Symbian Phones. With this Tutorial Playing Gameboy games on your Symbian Phone is as Simple as ABC, Just follow this Steps below.

Steps to Follow to Play Gameboy Games on Your Symbian Phone
First, You will have to Download and Install a Gameboy Emulator on your Symbian Phone. Two Different Download Link will be Posted Below, Just Download Based on your Phone Version.
For Nokia Symbian v2 Users e.g 6600, 6630, 6680, N70, N72 etc
For Nokia Symbian v3 Users (Cracked Version) e.g Nokia N73, N80, N82, N95 and all E-Series Phone.
  Download and Install the Application to your Phone, After Installing it will Automatically create a Folder on your memory card. The Name of folder is 'Vampent or vbag' Just Search for it and Locate it, Inside the Vampent or Vbag Folder, There is also another Folder named 'gbaroms'.
  • The GbaRom Folder will contain all the Games, Even if you Download any Game, You will have to Move it into gbaroms Folder before you can Play them on your Phone.

How to Download Gameboy Games to Play on Your Symbian Phone
Visit to Download any Gameboy games for your symbian Phone, in that website Click on Gameboy Advance, A huge List of Games will be Presented to you, You can Download any one you want.
  After Downloading, Extract the Files because all files there are in zip format, So after downloading use Xplore or any File Manager to extract the file that ends with .gba in the zip folder. Move the game file to the gbaroms folder inside the Vampent folder on your Memory card.
  • Open the Vbag Application and Feel the Games!

You can Download this extracted One, Move them to gbaroms and Rock with them...

» Download Super Mario Advance
» Download Contra Advance 
» Download Racing Fever
Other Hot and Interesting Gameboy Games are also Available, Just visit the Website Above to Download More!
» Expect Other Hot Tutorials about Gaming on Symbian Phones e.g How to Play NES Game on Symbian Phone and How to Play Ngage Games on Symbian Phones soon!

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  1. certificate problem...what date should the phone have??

  2. @Anonymous Ur phone must hacked b4 u can enjoy d above game, try 2 hack ur phone 2 enjoy it & many more powerful softwares.

  3. hello. Pls shelaf I have a nokia C5-00.2 I really wants to browse with wireless but my phone doenst support WLAN I even download jokspot but still nothing good happen. Pls is there any way that root-up the phone in order to make it support the use wireless network ? Thanks

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