Mask My IP is an online protection tool that can prevent your surfing habits and your Internet activities from being tracked by hackers or other cyber criminals through your real IP address. It has a nicely designed user interface that makes it incredibly easy to hide your IP address.
Mask My IP is one of the best software for change your real IP easily and stay Anonymous Online. This software is more powerful than Hide My Ip because it can change IP in only 2 second it has many other good Features. 
Features of Mask My IP   
   • Hide Real IP Address
• Surf Anonymously
   • Change Your IP Address In two Second
   • Change IP Address Based On Country
   • Guard Against Hackers
   • Protect All Connections Including WiFi
   • Defend In The Forums Once Banned
   • Many IP Addresses To Use
   • Amazing User Interference And Design 

   • Compatible with lot
Mask My IP has two type: Pro and Lite
Before you can enjoy Mask my IP Pro you need to pay certain amount of dollars, Click here  to confirm. But here am going to share you the link to download Mask My IP Pro one with Patch to crack it, which will enable you to use Pro version for life without paying dine.

Download Mask My IP and Patch to crack it with below link
  • After Download Extract the rar file to your System 
  • Then Install The Software By Opening Hide My IP Setup File
  • After successfully Installed, Open Mask.My.Ip.exe As Administrator And Click On Patch And Select MaskMyIp.exe from when you install the Software. (Generally C:\Program Files\MaskMyIP) 

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  1. I can access every blocked website by using "Hotspot Shield" IP Hiding Software. It also provides 100% privacy by bypassing browsing session of any particular network. Give it try, it works fine on my system.

  2. Hi i am found best software in internet which make you pc hide in within time Just simple click hide my pc please try this software name is Hide My Real Ip

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  4. Hello,Bros the link for the software,it says it has expired..
    pls how do i download it

    1. D link error will be fixed very soon & u will be notify.

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  6. Nice blog really helpful for those who want to hide their ip address ..I used it and hide my ip address .Then i visited sites like to check that whether my network ip address is hid or not .....

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  9. Great to have lots of alternative tools. Aside from TOR you forgot to mention on your list.


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  11. I would suggest using VPN/proxy service like I use them for a long time, excellent service. I can access sites which I usually wouldn't be allowed to and I can remove Netflix restrictions. I've tried using Tor, but it didn't perform well. It's slow and I still get restricted from many websites. There are lots of products that offer VPNs but I'll stick to Hide My IP.

  12. Does it have options to choose Nigeria IPS?

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