View month ago mtn Lunched cheapest data bundle that of 5 Naira for 1mb and Airtel also knock down the Price of their Data Bundle by Introducing a cheaper plan of getting 4mb with #50. 
Now it is Etisalat turn, this plan is similar to MTN of 1with #5. You can now get 1mb of data bundle with #5 on etisalat line too.
I hope this plan will helpful in term of low balance and light working on the internet. You can use it to check e-mail, for 2go and other online basic activities.

How to Subscribe for Etisalat 1mb
*You will need atleast 50 naira on your Account Balance.
*Now Dial *496*1# and Click Send/Ok.
*5 Naira will be deducted from your account and you will be given 1mb data bundle to use for 24 hours (1 Day). 
It is simple as that.

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