Hackers are not smiling these days, Always on the Search looking for a scapegoat, So we have to be extra-ordinarily careful on the Internet while browsing on PC especially on a Local PC or in a Cyber Cafe.
If you visit a cyber cafe and find any black or white pin attached to the CPU you want to use as shown in the pictures below, Do not use that system. This pin is actually a connection which saves all your data you enter in the system. Thus it is a risk to your privacy over the net. Risk to passwords, banking or any data you entered.
They are hardware key-loggers very powerful, they records each and every action your system and store any Information and Website you Visit on that PC.

NOTE: Key-loggers come in many different formats, Mostly come as a software but because many people are getting aware on a daily basis, they have decided to use the Hardware Version.
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