Hi, my lovely viewer and welcome to this great post, i found this during my research and i thought it might be a benefit to you as my good reader.
There is a website where you can get free UK telephone numbers which can be programmed to divert to any UK phone and most international phones lines. The Service is free! and no charges whatsoever. You can give out the UK Number to your people to contact you on, without giving out your real number.
Features of the site an talking about: 
  • Free UK Number offers. 
  • No Payments
  • No Fees 
  • No Contracts 
  • Re-Route your number in seconds 
  • New numbers added everyday 
  • Unlimited numbers can be added 
  • Your number can be ready in less than 60 seconds 
  • Ability to change your Caller Identification 
  • Free National and International Diversion 
  • Control panel are designed very easy to
Once you have registered you can login to your account and add any number from a list of around a 100. Once you have choosen your new number you can then setup where in the world you would like it diverted too. Most worldwide landlines and mobile phones are accepted. 
Once you have completed the setup process, all your settings are instantly updated to their network, you can then proceed to use your number. If any mistakes are made during the setup process or you decide that you want to change what caller identification your number transmits to you, or even the routing information; you can simply select "My Numbers" and make the required changes. All changes take effect instantly and there is no limit to the amount of changes you wish to make. 

To start enjoying this services click on below link:

I hope this information helps?
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  1. Pls can I get a US number her in nigeria

  2. How do i get us phone no and use it in nigeria

    1. U need 2 pay certain amount of dollars b4 u can get dat.

    2. call me 08030810760

  3. i am interested too . so please if you can just tell me the specific amount of it then ok

  4. please dose the site still offer uk numbers for free

  5. please i thought the uk sites that offers uk number are all block, are they still working. can i get mine from nigeria

    1. D url i provided is still working fine & u get ur UK mobile number free of charge in Nigeria with it.
      Just visit d link, click on "Register" then fill ur First name, last name and Email address, hit Register & u are good 2 get it 4 free.

  6. Pls Sir, can someone send me a message using that UK redirect number in Nigeria?

  7. I tried it and it's not Working!!!
    I activated it and called my number but it's not going.
    Or is it not working for Airtel lines?

    1. I can't say much about Airtel sim but I tried it with my Mtn Sim & it work fine.

  8. This is a job well done, more greece to your elbow, i wish we have honest people who are ready to give honest information like this than cheating people.

  9. I doubts that the numbers given can be use for online verification, for example whatsapp verification and the likes, any one?