Recently Glo Nigeria launched a new promo primarily targeted at increasing usage from existing Glo subscribers and keeping them active on the GLO Network.
The promo allows all new and existing Glo subscribers get 500% Bonus Airtime on achievement of their daily usage target, and the highest Price they Dish out is just 6000 Naira.

How To Get Started
Text BONUS to 4567 You will receive an sms of your daily usage target. If you achieve the daily usage target before midnight, you will get 500% of your daily usage target as free bonus airtime for glo to glo calls.

NOTE: Subscribers, depending upon their historical usage, will get different usage targets and targets for subscribers will change every week.

The Promo airtime will be credited to the promo account within 24hours of achieving the required daily usage and has to be used same day, before midnight.

Now let's Proceed to the Main Topic

How to Extend Glo #600 Bonus to #6000 or #5000 Free Call Bonus on Your Glo SIM
Make sure you activate Glo Daily Promo before You Proceed to the steps i am about to explain.
Follow the above Steps to activate Glo Daily Promo.

Now Let's go!
To Extend The Free Bonus From #600 to #6000 or #5000
- Recharge 100 Naira Glo airtime and Call any Number on your Phone, make sure you spend up to 30 Naira or 40 Naira to get 600 Naira Bonus on Glo SIM.
- After that call any Glo Number on your Contact List and use the Bonus given to You by Glo, just make Sure that you don't Exhaust all the Bonus You can stop Calling when You have Upto 100 Naira bonus Left on Your sim.
- Wait till 7:00PM or 7:30PM to Call another Glo sim, make sure you spend Up to 50 Naira out of the Remainig Bonus, After that drop the call and you will be given 5000 Naira or 6000 Naira Free Call Bonus.
- Repeating the Same steps to get more Bonus everyday. And you can now use the bonus through out that day and the next day as well because they wont clear it just like that of MTN. It wil be intact there.
Rock with your Glo!
NOTE: You can Only use the Free bonus to call Glo subscriber only.

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