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In this post we shall going to discuss on a website which allowed people to send unlimited free SMS (Short Message Service) to both national and international numbers.” is the website am talking about. If you have already familiar with Mjoy, don’t ignore this post because at the end of this post you will be expose to other top websites for sending free SMS with brief about them.
What is is a mobile web portal designed for sending free SMS virtually to anywhere in the world with no character limit. you have to be a registered member before you can allowed to send SMS through Mjoy free SMS web portal.
How can I register?
  • Visit Click Join! As showed on the screenshot below 

  • Choose your country; enter your phone number and security code as provided, then Click Register 
  • Follow the second and third steps to complete your registration.
One thing I don’t like about their service is that you need to have SMS Credit before you can send SMS and the only means to get their Credit is to answer surveys and click on ads on their website. Answering survey and clicking on ads is annoying to me because I count it as wasting of time. But there is another way of getting unlimited SMS Credit at without answering surveys and clicking on ads, in which am going to unleash to you now.

Below are the simple steps you need to take to have unlimited SMS Credit at
  • You must have small SMS credit in your Mjoy Account that can send one message. See the screenshot below: 
  • Compose any message by click on FREE TEXT icon as indicated on the above screenshot.
  • Then click on Envelop+ logo you saw on top at right side to compose message.
  • Write anything inside then send it to +12074470602
  • You will receive 129 SMS Credits immediately.
That is all, you can now use your SMS credits to text any number in the world.
 Enjoy your free SMS moments!

Below are the lists of top free SMS websites in the world. You can use them as for sending free SMS to any mobile numbers in the world.

Binu is one of means for sending free SMS and many more on the internet to anywhere and any mobile numbers in the world. Binu is capable of running on phones that have internet connection and support java mobile applications. Visit their website Download binu application. Install it and follow the screen instructions to get it work. You can only allowed to send 10 SMS per day.

This is another free SMS website; it is new, hot, owned and operating in Nigeria. Just Sign up with them by visit and you will be given privilege of sending 30 free sms daily. It delivers your SMS quickly and it is reliable.

More free SMS websites will be added soon.
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